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Well it took me until today to finally get around to putting a multi-meter to my car. Hereís what I got:
Battery Voltage (car off) = 12.25
Charging Voltage (car on, no accessories) = 12.55
Charging Voltage (car on, lots of accessories) = 12.25 or lower depending on # of accessories

Obviously these arenít the numbers you had provided earlier so my question is which of the three main components is bad? Do I have a voltage regulator that can no longer control the alternator output properly; an alternator that canít provide enough juice; or a battery that canít take a charge very well?

If I understand the POís repair records, the battery is about 15 months old (25K miles) but I donít see any indication of repair or replacement of either of the other items.

Okay, moving on to the next obvious question: I understand that there are some reasonably economical replacement voltage regulators which are just a snap in part so that repair would be very straight forward. On the alternator, however, I understand that a new one (remanufactured I presume) is quite pricey. Iíve also read here that the alternator can be repaired very easily with an inexpensive brush kit. Are both parts of this statement true (price and ease of repair)?


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