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Originally Posted by TMAllison View Post
P0380 is a circut fault/engine cranked on cold GP's. Will reset itself after 3 cold/hot/cold run cycles if doesnt reoccur during that time. If the CEL is constantly lit, a fault is reoccuring.

If relay powers GP's you might want to see if it cuts out too early after starting. Should stay on for ~2 min after a cold start. If so, need to determine if is relay or K40.
Terry -- the CEL is constantly lit, still with P0380.

I've had the dealership scan the ECU with Star Diagnostic, which returned some pretty interesting results. The code definitely points to the relay ("module", in their terms, as it contains more than just a relay), and the wiring diagram they pulled up indicated an issue with the part of the module that controls GP's #5-#6. However, the code had existed for an undetermined amount of time -- this is unusual. On their recommendation, I replaced the module with a new part .... same code and CEL remains on. Thus, the fault is (and was) definitely not in the relay/module.

Terry, I know you have some experience with the K40. As far as I know, mine is original. How could it failing affect the ECU in such a way to cause a CEL? Is there anything related to the K40 that would explain why the GP light never illuminates?

Any help is much appreciated!
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