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Hello everyone..I'm a newbie, with a belt tensioner question????

Just bought a pretty nice 300SEL, and it seems to have the standard issues, with the monovalve, and climate control doors, and belt tensioner..

The tensioner rod is broken.. It was that way, when I bought it..Is there any chance that there is nothing wrong with the tensioner, and I can just replace the rod, and cam, and be back in business????

I have not loosened the tensioner, but I did replace the belt..The tensioner pulley looks straight, and spins freely. There is some tension on the belt, but it doesn't seem like enough, however, the AC, and power steering, both work fine..

There is a pointer on my tensioner, but the indicator on the tensioner is not like the book describes.. The book describes 1-8 graduations, but mine only has a mark at each end, with a ramp type indicator..

Once I get all of it apart, how can I tell if the old one is bad???

Thanks in advance,
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