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Originally posted by jeffsr:
How do you know you only have .40 lb of charge? This amount of refrigerant would not be sufficient to close low pressure switch unless there was a restriction in the system which increased the low side pressure. BTW who is selling r-12 for $48.00/lb. That's a really good price..

I must have not made myself clear. My system was still producing cool air (barely)when I took it in. When I had the system serviced 13 months ago, the compressor would not engage and the system was only 1 lb down. This time, the compressor was engaged and the A/C guy said that he had to pump 2.5 lbs of R12 into the system (meaning there was .40 lb in the system before he pumped it up). I think he stuck it to me since I don't believe the compressor would still be engaging with only .40 lb of R12 in the system before I took it in.
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