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Old 05-10-2000, 02:10 AM
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My altenator of my 83' Euro 500Sel siezed today.. it was either that or the air pump.. but either ways i figure the repairs will be expensive. Inaddtion to these problems the power stering is leaking.. exaust manafold bolts are poping off.. pumatic suspension has a mind of its own.. radio blew.. alot of work needs to be done.. so question is.. its it time for a new mbz.. or should i fix this clunker 1 more time.. and get the last drops of life out of it?... ur opinions please..

P.S. haveing this car.. has discouraged me from buying any grey market cars ever.. just hope that would stop some1 from making the same decision that i made..

btw ne sugesstions on a new mbz...
i was condering a C220K.. withthe SE.. pacage.. but should i wate for the new C.. ?

--Jivesh Sabnani...( now liking the rel. of my SD )
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