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What is this Part?: Brake Booster Bushing 123-292-01-50

Hi All,

So I'm about to do a pretty comprehensive brake system overhaul. Replacing a troubled master cylinder, flushing fluid, new hoses, etc..

I want to have everything lined up, and I see this bushing on Pelican Parts, but I cannot find it in any of my MB diagrams of the master cylinder or brake booster.

I've also seen this part referred to as a Brake PEDAL Bushing, and so I am wondering if this is the bushing that interfaces the pedal level with the booster "arm" (excuse my terminology here -- I'm new to cars).

I have a 1970 220 Gas that was built in June, and so I believe that I have the older style brake booster,
the ATE T51/909. Is the bushing required only if the booster is upgraded to the model that came to replace it?

Thanks again for fielding one of my silly questions. Cheers,

Brake Booster Bushing
Brand: Genuine Mercedes [More Info]
Part Number: 123-292-01-50
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