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Originally Posted by pawoSD View Post
There is no such thing as too tall a diff.

I am running the original 2.85 from the 190e 2.3 setup with my om601 2.2 engine. Its certainly not fast, but far from unusable. Not sure if there was a taller one than that offered, the 2.6 gasser or 2.5 turbo diesels may have had a 2.65....

My 190d can cruise all day long at 75-80mph around 2900-3000rpm. And thats with 73 horsepower.
No kidding, gotta love that. Is yours manual? I would imagine you can get away with taller gearing being able to select your shifts.
So I should be able to swing by my local merc salvage yard and pic up a 2.3's diff? Or really any 190 diff for that matter? From that graph it appears I will probably only find taller which is fine by me.
I know they denote a difference in diffs between manual and auto but should that matter?
2.5 non turbo
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