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1.The problem turned out to be the AC switch where the green-blue wire wasnt getting 12 V signal I think its supposed to get from Blower motor wire when you want AC on. Everything else checked out fine on the switch; the dampener opener grounds out like it should, the temp function works also.
2.Question 1: Like a dummy, worrying about under lubrication, I stuck 3 oz. oil in the new Reciever. Afterthought makes me wonder if I covered Dessicant in it and destroyed its Drier /Moisture removing function?
3. Question 2. Where can we order a ternary switch to protect from over pressure? For the time being I am going to use a home wired Pressure switch with reset from a pneumatic shop at the high pressure charging side with a relay to shut the compressor down. I'm calibrating it to 250 psi, reset = 35 psi. Is that the right setting?
4. Question 3. What is the right side to charge the system from--low or hi?
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