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On the way home from work today, at about 60 MPH, a very loud squeal startled me back to reality. I got off the gas and started coasting, and the squeal stopped after about 10-15 seconds. I pulled to the shoulder and popped the hood, everything looked to be intact. I got home, changed into grubs and started checking things out better.

All the belts were intact, the engine never got warmer than about 180 F, and there was no oil/fluids sprayed about the engine compartment. I have been having a mysterious growl on occasion from the steering pump, and suspected that it had taken a hike.

I put a box wrench on the pully nut and tried to turn the pully both clockwise and counter clockwise. I could not muster enough umpph to move it the slightest.

Seems to me the pump has seized, and I apparently got lucky that I didn't throw the belts since they also drive the water pump. Am I correct that this sounds like a seized steering pump? Can I possibly rebuild it or am I better off finding a good used one from a dismantler and rebuilding it?

No way will I be able to get one from the dealer, they want almost $700.00 for a re-manufactured one, by the time I throw in tax it'd be well beyond seven bills.

Thanks for the help.

Mike Tangas
73 280 SEL 4.5
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