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OK y'all, here's the latest info:

I pulled the belts today. I ended up having to pull the fan in order to get into one nut, but got it loose enough to get the belts free. The pump turns with some resistance, not exactly freely though.

As I worked the pully, I noticed there was *some* play for and aft. When I pulled toward the radiator while turning the pully, the pully and shaft came freely out until hitting the fan shroud, which is at least an inch of travel. When the pully is in the out position, the resistance is greatly increased to the point I cannot turn the pully.

I have siphoned off most of the fluid from the resevoir, leaving a small amount at the bottom. When I turn the pully, I can hear the innerds working, I do not hear, or feel any grinding. I guess my heat theory was incorrect .

Does this pump sound as if it is still rebuildable, or does that much for and aft play mean it's beyond rebuilding?

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