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Originally Posted by Diesel911 View Post
Like Cho said; late Fuel Injection Timing will cause white smoke; the other thing is a coolant leak.

However, you said there was a Fuel smell to it.
When I re-installed the IP on My Volvo Diesel many years back I had billowy white clouds coming from the Exhaust that smelled like Fuel.
I did some reading and found that white colore is caused by unburned atomized Fuel.

When the timing was corrected the white smoke went away.

You can get some idea concerning your Camshaft Timing as effected by Timing Chain Stretch and Timing Gear wear by lining up the Timing mark behind the Camshft Gear exactly with the Timing Mark on the Front Camshaft Bearing Tower and looking down at the Crankshaft Damper degrees the Pointer points to.
If the is significently off do the 2mm Method and then you can decide if you want to use an offset Key to bring the Camshaf Timing back to spec.

The Timing Chain strech issue throws the IP Timing off but because it is driven by the same Chain. However, when you time the IP you are timing it to the Crankshaft degrees so if you re-do the IP timing that is OK.
I am not sure but I don't think changing to an offset Woodruff Key will restore your IP Timing; I think it only restores the Camshaft Timing.

Everything you said is correct. I believe the key adjustment only affects valve timing. I still wanted to rule out low compression due to a valve not closing completely, so that is why I tested the cam timing. IP timing is done via drip method or I believe there is a sort of lock that sets the timing on the pump, then you cant the pump or something like that.

All but turbo shaft play has been tested and recorded. Descriptions and images to follow soon.
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