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Sequential injection for the power strokes is off enough to effect the idle in my opinion. Or at least the power strokes are not equal enough. Thats if swapping the glow plugs verifys the last readings of course. You should land up with a much better running engine when you get this sorted out.

Three of the cylinders coming in very late would easily cause the fuel smell I would suspect. Hindsight is great. I also suspect fuel milage is being impacted as well.

I just hope other people see how the milli volt method can find and allow people to deal with issues as your thread progresses. The more common approaches would take far longer and consume perhaps a lot of money in trying parts. Perhaps with no eventual resolution other than changing the injection pump.

At idle yours is the largest millivot spread percentagewise I think I have even seen other than with a dead cylinder. I am and have been wondering why it is two cylinders right next to each other though. Cannot decide if that is signifigant or not. Currently think not but time will tell. I think you are perhaps going to get to the point of adjusting the number three element at some point. How the number four responds to that if at all will be the answer.

One other clue that something is going on is the actual overall low readings of the milli volts at idle. Usually 6-8 millivolts is present with hot normal burns. Still this can just be the charactaristics of the glow plugs you have or the meter is not really accurate. This meter accuracy in itself if there or not is of no consequence as we both know you are using the presented voltages for comparison to each other only. I would expect lower voltages perhaps on wvo as well in comparison to diesel fuel but not certain of that either.

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