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Even the cheapest of digital multimeters seem to do just fine as comparison devices. I assume you are reffering to the low actual milli volt readings being presented at idle. This can occur with overall retarded timing at idle is one possible explanation.

But other than comparing with a another meter to check the actual milli volts I see it as no particular concern. The functions and dropping prices of those meters have been amazing over the years.

The first one I aquired was 100 dollars when you could actually buy something for a hundred dollars. Today I buy meters with almost endless functions for well under half that. The simplest 3.00-5.00 digital meter today is easily a match for the hundred dollar one of years ago.

Same with a twin trace scope off of ebay maybe three years ago. Like new and reasonably usable for maybe 49.00 delivered and just like new. Equal to the techtronics scopes of years ago and a less problamatic brand. My crt or visable screen was going bad and that was a cheaper option.I no longer do electronics but still like a few things around even though their use is fairly infrequent. A meter still gets a good workout for the many things I still do though. I would not want to be without one.

As to wvo usage I have no issues with that unless an individual is incapable of diagnosing or repairing even the simplest of things and then compounds that by adding wvo burning into the mix as well.. This has not worked out well for many of them in my opinion unless they were seriously prepared to learn. You fortunatly seem to be an individual that does easily know enough to burn the stuff.

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