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Greeting MB Techies-
My Y2k E55 has illumiated its low coolant! warning message again. Last time, you guys mentioned something about the windshield washer...This time, coolant, windshield and headlamp reserviors are all OK. last time I got a "No Problem Found" at the dealer. This time I'd like to be armed (and dangerous if necessary). What do you guys suspect, a wire or sensor? I'm also going to ask them to tweak the computer for performance. Anything specific I should ask for?
My plan of attack is to take the service manager (and receptionist) for a little high speed run on the back roads of the north shore of Long Island until they beg for mercy or wet themselves (whichever comes first) . Thanks in advance for your advice.

00 AMG E55
96 DCM Impala SS
94 ZR-1
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