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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
Haven't installed mine yet (son has car). I don't mind going to Ace for the lock nuts, but unsure what to get. By "all metal lock nut" do you mean the type that have deformed threads on one end, usually from swaged dimples in the nut, or do you mean a spring type lock washer? The deformed nuts might be hard to find in metric. Do you have an Ace Hardware PN or what tray to look in?
Yes the deformed all metal lock nut. You will need the M12 and 8- 3/8 24 if you have the Gen 2, only 4- 3/8 24 nuts if you have Gen 1. You could get by with just using all metal lock nuts on the compressor to plate bolts, as the others are not subject to as much heat.
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