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Thanx a lot for all the help guys.

This upcoming week I will be ordering a new distributor cap, rotor arm and new spark plugs, I do have platinums in right now, but I have heard many different things when it comes to plugs, it's my understanding that platinums have a resistor in them which is not needed, so I will get the right ones this time.

I managed to get my car running the same as it was before the new timing chain, but now I have a different problem ontop of the hesitation. When in drive and stopped, my economy needle goes up about 1/5 of the way, it always stayed on the very bottom, it still does when in Park or neutral, but any other gear it will go up 1/5 of the way, higher when car is warming up, can any suggest what this could be and how it can be corrected?

I started playing with the adjusting wheel on the idle control valve, before it would control what the idle speed was, but this time it does not do anything, maybe I gotta turn it some more, but my idle is exactly where it's supposed to be except for the economy needle.

Thanx again, this is a great forum.

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