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Hey guys, thought I'd jump in on this.
I was looking for a tech-info board for my daughters 1974 BMW 2002 (which has since given me nothing but headaches and I'd like to get rid of it - different story) and I found one by doing the following:
Go to your favorite WWW search engine and type in the make of the car (e.g. Lincoln) along with the "+" sign ands then type in " or "service" or "parts". It'll look like this when you're done - lincoln+service OR lincoln+parts.

You should get a bunch of listings to check out and with any luck, one or more of the links you find will have a tech / service forum like this one.

In my Never-too-humble opinion, I will say that this is the best one I've EVER seen and the people are both knowledgeable and friendly.

Jay Yambrovich
1989 300 E
1992 190-E 2.3
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