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I believe you should check your cables. Its not uncommon to have a small current to alow your radio and other small electronics to operate in the car. However, if the cables have a bad connection or corrosion within the cable/cables, you will not receive enough energy to turn your starter motor. Sounds as if you have no current now going to the starter, but before you had clicking sounds to starter. I would check all connection from the battery to the ground and the battery to the starter. Then check any fusible links from the battery to ward the starter motor.

Hope this corrects your problem.

I had this same problem, and the dealer said I needed a battery and altenator. Well I Just replaced the battery before taking it to the dealer, however,when I would move the battery cable (ground side) the car starter motor would turn over and start the car. I knew what the problem was but did not feel like replacing it myself. I ask the dealer not to repair the car, and that I would come to pick the car up later. Well, when I went to pick the car up, I waited for ~ 35 minutes. kept asking where is my car, finally they said they can't get it started. So I go to the back of the shop where I saw three guys working on my car. And to be fair to our expert mechanics, I do believe they were not mechanics but other car care maintenance techs.?? ex: the guys who bring the cars to you when you pick them up, or car detailers, etc....

I move the cable wire and ask one of the guys to turn the ignition. It starts, I go straight to the parts dept purchase a cable (ground) and install it myself. Not that I wanted to do this but I had to. The cable was full of corrosion. Car has been fine for some two years later to date.
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