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Old 12-21-2002, 02:29 PM
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Thanks everyone for the help on this.
Here's what I've noticed now, not only does the driver side doesnt pop up/down, but when i try to slide it open and close, the driver side doesnt slide either.
I understand that the lift angles would contribute to the up/down operation, but what about the sliding part ?
Does this mean that other parts will be needed as well ?
As for the Cable that controls all of this, are there two seperate cables working for the right/left side ? or is it one cable coming from the motor in the trunk that operates this all ?
I'm looking forward to 190Dee sending me the diagram, and then I'll start working on this. Let's see where it ends up. Worst case scenerio, if i do get stuck somewhere , I'll just take it to the benz mech at that point. Atleast I'll save some labor hours
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