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I did the job and here are the results - my old joints were rusted in place - even the pinch bolt took some caveman methods to let loose - aerokroil and heat also helped.

the joints were the original factory items with a 1994 date. - the press worked flawlessly and the pipe pieces that I used as drifts were a perfect fit. btw these are 5x5 plates I had a freind at work make for me - the plates I ordered never arrived, the threaded rod is from mcmaster carr.

rusted to hell

press working in action - I also used a 4 lb hammer to shock the thing loose in order to break the rust bond

joint pressed out in 10 minutes of cranking - i cleaned up the rusty hole with some sandpaper and it came out looking new - gotta love MB quality.

the worn out joint - it had about 2mm up and down movement and was as floppy as a dead fish

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