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O2 sensor checks out OK

A day or two after this last post, the check engine light came on and I got a code 5. I put a volt-ohm meter in the sensor and sensor heater circuits and they checked out OK. I am still running way too rich though, <10 mpg. This mystery fuel problem has been plaguing me for 9 months now (see earlier posts). In the past year the following work has been done to this car:

1. Both fuel pumps and filters replaced and associated lines renewed.
2. New O2 sensor
3. New EHA
4. New Bosch fuel distributor
5. New valves, guides, seals, cam oilers, air induction boot and vacuum lines.
6. New timing chain, tensioner and guide rails.
7. New temp sensor, thermo. vac. valve, vacuum check valve
8. Replaced every filler cap, belt, seal, hose I could find that even looked like it might leak

The car runs OK, for a few days, then the problem starts again, usually a faint fuel smell with the windows open, then rough upshifting from 2nd, loss of power, stalling, fuel consumption zooms. My mechanic has put in dozens of hours trying to diagnose this, and he has over 25 years on these cars (former shop foreman at a major Bay Area MBZ dealer). I would appreciate any advice on how to approach this problem. Should I take the car to someone else? Should I try to sell this car to someone I don't know? So far, this car has cost me over $13,000.00 (including the price), but it hasn't been much more than a shiny boat anchor.
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