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Smile proper idle speed

Neil, the idle continues like this when hot. Any reasons for this behavior? I will try again afterwards as I have to take it out again. Its my weekend car, don't even start the motor for the whole week sometimes. Been fixin quite a "few" things in this car lately, bugger it! One moment its this, then that, then something else. Now its the exhaust replacement, then there is a thin layer of oil deposited under the motor around the oil pan, then its the 2 rear shock absorbers looking a bit leaky, then the brakes are starting to squeak a little during stops at traffic lights and the motor is getting a bit too hot in this Summer heat( the aux fans are coming on). How can I make the ride more "soft" or compliant like the Lexus, I like the floating feel. The Benz has only double wishbones in front which only have a short shock travel . Will the gas struts like Monroes or Gabriels be better?
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