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Larry -

Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

We may have to agree to disagree on this. Typically, the European engines get another 20 hp with higher compression and mildly hotter cam, so I am going to check this out. I am not thinking 305 degrees, don't worry.

I will keep you posted.

BTW - I actually converted a US spec '79 280E to a 4 speed. I bought a German 280E with a rotten body and a dead engine and used the transmission, flywheel, linkage, pedals, etc. along with new hydraulics from the 240D. The only challenge was having the new and old flywheels static balanced. The conversion turned out wonderfully.

Everything fit, looked totally stock, and the car literally came alive. Mein Mekaniker, Herr Fuchs, could not believe the change in the car. Cost about $1700 after I sold the automatic and the donor car.

Chuck Taylor
Falls Church VA
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