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Engine Oil & Low Gas Idiot Lights Flashing?

Here's a strange one...
Yesterday during a 30 mile ride to work the engine oil light & low gas light started flashing at the same time. The oil pressure was fine and I had 3/4 tank of gas. (Checked oil level and it is fine).
At lunch time and on the way home it did not happen.
Went out shopping today and no problem.

On the way to work it was raining and I also had my lights on.
Lunch time drive - no rain or headlights.
On the way home - headlights on.
Today - no rain - no headlights on.

All fuses were replaced two months ago.
'93 190e 2.3

Any ideas?
1993 190e 2.3
Spruce Green Metallic
62k original
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