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Unhappy Missing on Drive but not on Neutral

I have a 96 C-280 and after running for a while starts missing or skipping while pushing on the brakes waiting on the light or stop sign w. If I put it on neutral it is fine but I still feel that is missing. The car starts beautifully cold or hot and has great power. It only happens after the car has warmed up and running for a while. By the way, I just got this car with over a quart of what maybe low octane gas. I have filled the tank with super unleaded and still has more than 1/2 a tank but still missing/skipping. I tried turning off the AC to see if that would help but not. Any ideas or suggestions. Also, does anybody knows a good and honest Benz mechanic in Miami or Miramar, FL? In advance thank you for your help and Happy Holidays...
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