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I can understand why a transmission swap would be looked forward to with dread. The pedals and hydraulics are probably the worst of it. But you have to admit at least with our stick shift opinions, we would be improving the car we did the swap on.

There is a foreign car salvage yard in Fort Worth that used to let the Benz club into a specific area once a year for a free all you can pull Saturday morning. They were still doing this after they "put in their 1-800 number". But, what killed it was that some people with shops came in and got everything they could get and then took it back to their shops to sell. I didn't blame the salvage yard for slowing this down. They now do it every other year, have security, and charge a few bucks. It's amazing how a few people can ruin things for everyone.

Keep us posted about whatever you come up with for the 3.2 in the stick shift car. I'm very interested in this.

Good luck,

Larry Bible
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