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Wrench in the system ...well actually a bolt !

Well unfortunately today the top bolt on my belt tensioner shock vibrated loose and of course it couldn't have just fallen to earth it had to first get tangled in my serpantine belt, make its way to the fan pulley, wedge in between the engine and the pulley before buring the pulley and now it is resting inside the pulley between the engine and pulley. It wouldn't have been too bad but the bur on the side of the pulley ruined the belt which somehow ruined the intermediate belt bearing pulley. So on to my question, Since I had the belt tensioner replaced about a year ago and the very thought of that thing scares me, can I loosen the alternator remove the belt and pulleys replace the necessary parts, replace the belt, and retighten at the alternator without messing with the tensioner and adjustments? Also how hard is it to change the shock out with the serpentine belt removed?

Thanks in advance for you expertise..

I sure am glad this happened before I left for california!

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