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Originally posted by DuckMuck:
Wut IS a 5-speed MB 300E??? I've never heard of such a thing...I'm assuming it is a W124, but I thought all W124's had 4-speed automatics in the US and Canada. This is a 5-speed automatic on a 300E??? Can you guys plz tell me a bit about the history of this car, when it was made, tech stuff, etc.??? I'm actually extremely interested. Thanx!


I bought an '86 with about 85k in 1996. It has now 167k, half of it city to NJ suburbs and back and quite a few trips to Montreal. It is parked on a city street, urban area, summer and winter, and runs like a new car. It has five gears and I bought it from its first owner who told me that in '86 only four stick-shift models were sold in NJ. I get most of the more significant work done in Montreal where I found a superb shop with decent prices and great and honest mechanics from the Middle East. I keep on trying to buy another car but this guy runs so well and so fast that I feel guilty checking prices. Going to Montreal I set it in fifth gear at about 70 and basically stop once for gas and coffee. Trade in would be about 3k.
Only problem -and a sort of a mytery to us- is how difficult it is, when the To. is below freezing, to get her in reverse.


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