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WTB Banjo Bolt , Housing and W201 Lock Cylinder Guides


I am in need of a few parts for getting my 190d in great condition. I need to adjust the vacuum modulator pressure at the transmission and need a Banjo Bolt that will fit in the test housing. I believe its more commonly known as the ALDA banjo bolt and housing and if I am not mistaken, its also used at the injection pump and maybe for coolant lines too .

Also require lock cylinder guides for both my front door locks. If I can find just the guide pins, that would be great since I don't want to spend a lot of money on fixing these things. I am attaching pictures my locks so you can see whats missing.

The part alone is mentioned in thread post near the bottom :
190e Door lock tumbler: Can it be separated?

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WTB Banjo Bolt , Housing and W201 Lock Cylinder Guides-broken-lock-cylinder-guide.jpg  
1987 190D 2.5 Non-Turbo , automatic
Currently fixing : diagnosing vacuum functions,
, fuel leak at injectors, Dash Re-covering , speaker replacement with aftermarket amp and new wiring, generic keyless entry system .

Future projects :, antenna , Transmission modulator pressure adjustment or replacement... more to come...

Fixed : Windows, Ground wiring cleaning, random transmission kick-downs.
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