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Old 05-07-2000, 10:10 AM
Dennis Taylor
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Donnie, thanks for your response. Yes I tried setting up at 24 deg's BTDC and have made a template to mark the pulley for correct "firing" angle for each cylinder. It is my believe that the camshaft gear and the "injector timer gear" both turn at 1/2 crankshaft speed. On the three attempts I made so twice the car will not idle and exhaust is dark grey, the other time white/blueish. Its a bear removing and reinstalling the oil filter assy each time.

The same approach on my 300SD rolling it over by hand, the "firing" of the injectors in consistent. Its appears inconsistent on the 300D and I believe all the air is bled out.

This car has always been the odd one, accelerates better to 40 mph than the two turbo's I have, and the engine is overall quieter. Now if the daughter had kept up with oil changes (or I had replaced the valve seals earlier) the cam would not have 'flattened' and I would not be having this issue.

The car was also the hardest to start cold but the smoothest running. In testing the timing chain for stretch it appears correct, but I'm to the point I may just change it anyway, the other posibility is to convert it into a parts car.

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