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I like Mike Murrell's reply best.

I've been closely involved with computers and software as a profession since 1974. The first computer I worked with was a DEC PDP 8. It was a 12 bit machine used for real time work. 4K of Core memory cost $2,000. I did some hardware interfacing with this machine and some some straight forward assembly language programming that related to the hardware.

In spite of my appreciation and understanding of the evolution and value of the computer, a notebook and pen still have their place. Each of my cars have a notebook in the glove compartment. In this notebook I record every fillup, oil change, tire service, parts replacement, etc., This is in chronological order and because I am recording mileage and fuel quantity, I can tell early on when fuel mileage is waining, or oil consumption is increasing.

Before electronic ignitions, the fuel mileage info was more valuable because you could tell when it was time for points and plugs.

Additionally whenever I sell a car, the notebook usually seems to really seem interesting to prospective buyers.

Good luck,
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