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I don't know what you consider high mileage, and I don't feel that oil choice is related to a particular engine type except for, in some cases, whether it is gas or diesel.

pmizell is using the absolute ultimate oil IMHO. The universal grades have more detergents and although specifically designed for diesels, are fabulous for gas engines as well. Of the universal grades, Mobil Delvac One is THE BEST!

I also use universal grade, but a less expensive one, Chevron Delo 400 Multigrade. This is 15W40. I had a head corrosion problem at about 173,000 miles. When I took it apart, the cylinder walls had no ridge and showed very prominent crosshatch.

The car now has 237,000 miles and uses no oil.

I personally believe that these oils that are supposed to be for high mileage engines are a bunch of bunk. It is possible that in a worn engine, there is an advantage of some sort, but they propose using this stuff at 70,000 miles. In todays engines, with fuel injection and modern oils, if properly maintained they are not even broken in at 70,000 miles. I believe that applies to almost any make engine sold today that has fuel injection.

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