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Originally Posted by BillGrissom View Post
RollGuy's bracket looks well-made (haven't installed mine), but so does the other one in mountainmike47's photos, though the photos don't show how it looks installed on the engine. Broken Sanden ears is a common problem among hot rodders who use those compressors. Best to use a proven kit when you can. Nothing beats testing (my day job is a test engineer). RollGuy above found a slight problem in testing, with an easy fix, but left unfixed would likely result in similar rattling and broken parts. Loosening bolts and metal fatigue from vibration are hard to predict without testing.
That is one reason I have updated the fasteners. I am also working on an additional bracket to help secure the lower part of the main bracket. The original engineers in Germany designed the fasteners and brackets on these engines to withstand intense vibration. Everyone knows that a Diesel engine will try to vibrate anything bolted to it, and the aftermarket Sanden bracket is no exception. I have tested the Gen 1 bracket (on my 300SD) for 2 seasons so far, and it still works great. The Sanden with the Gen2 bracket on my 240 has been installed for the past 6 months, and has had a few fastener problems (thus the reason for the updated fasteners), but seems to be fine now. I can only rely on others that have installed these kits to help with testing, in that they let me know right away of any problems that arise. I am more than happy to resolve any problems in an expedient manner. For my regular job, I rely on word of mouth to get more jobs. I want to do quality work so I can keep earning a living. I have been very busy for years, and am thankful that I still have plenty of work. The manufacturing of these aftermarket parts is no different. I want to make available the best and least expensive parts that I can. I have other ideas for parts in my head (trap-ox bypass pipe, radiator hose nipple guard etc), and hope to make them available one day as well....Rich
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