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Thanks benzmac and mhingram(thanks for giving me a next step). I have reconnected the vacuum line to the EZL. I was able to locate the idle control valve utilizing the CD service manual. All these terms are new to me, I have done a lot on carbureted engines but haven't previously had trouble on my fuel injected vehicles. Anyway, on a cold start the idle is a little under 1000 and removing the connector makes a big difference. I then took it for a ride and the idle went up to 1200 and removing the connector again made a big difference. Is there a further test I can do on this valve?
In the area of the valve I noted that the big hose going toward the front driver side had been damaged and repaired. I didn't notice any change when I sprayed it with WD-40 and it looks like it is sealed but could it be a problem?
Finally, when this first happened I looked in the manual for things about idle and found an idle control unit that is supposed to be in the passenger compartment but couldn't find it. Should I continue my search for it?
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