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i just got back tonight from driving my Mercedes from Florida to Illinois ( due to custom paint job and spoiler and air damn added). before i left my plastic thermostat housing, (which i replaced with an aluminum one) cracked. it sprayed coolant all over the place which caused me to have ignition failure. anyway, after that i had a series of problems when driving it home.
the auxerilary motorized fan will not run anymore therefore causing the engine to overheat when idiling in traffic. (yes, i checked the comnnection but, i still neet to see if its getting power or if the motor id still a complete sircut.)
secondly, it idles funny since then. its idling about 600 rpm's but it acts like its misfiring?? ( new rotor,cap and spark plugs, the igniter is fine)
plus, the muffler is making this howlling noise loke those stupit exaust systems you hear om hondas and stuff.
your replys will be appreciated
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