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O Wise (Wo)Men - 90 300SEL Vacuum Line Identification

Oh boy, got the two-post life installed yesterday (quite easy) and got the Mercedes overhead. Found a few things to tend to.

One thing I spotted while inspecting engine bay: on the passenger side, there is a nylon (white with red and blue stripe) vacuum line that was hanging down around the emissions air pump. It looked 'normal' from the topside, but underneath I could see it wasn't connected to anything. One end is connected to a solenoid on the passenger side inner fender (inside engine compartment). There are two of those solenoids in that location, and this one is the one most toward the front of the car. The dangling end has a rubber connecter, but I could not find any place it should fit. All other ports/lines seem connected.

Anyone identify this line and coach me where it belongs?


JP Rodkey
90 300 SEL
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