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Originally posted by LarryBible
It is very politically correct to blame the big, evil corporations for all your problems, and I have gotten pretty amped up at MBUSA several times myself. But in this case you're just joining into politically correct mob behavior toward the big, evil corporations. Without these large companies, the rest of us would not have jobs, even the self employed would probably be hoeing their garden to survive.
Larry, you are a fountain of knowledge and a geyser of opinions. :p Maybe sometimes a little corporate greed wins out over customer satisfaction - even safety? Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't that happened before?? I seem to remember something about Ford gas tanks, GM pickup trucks, Firestone tires....

I'm very glad that MBUSA had things figured out by the time you got your 2000 C-Klasse, but those with 1998/99 vehicles (like myself) were TOLD to rely on FSS by the sales and service staff. Those owners launched the lawsuit and those owners contributed to MB's huge slide in the recent JD Power used-vehicle owner survey.

MBUSA isn't the victim of anything. I'll leave it to someone who's been downsized, outsourced, offshored or outplaced to debate your opinions about how benign and cuddly any of the various megacorps are.
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