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I just had an idea. Could the electromagnetic fan of my car be wired to be permanently on (maybe by previous owner)? This just came to my mind after I viewed a 190e 1.8 for sale on behalf of my kid brother.

The temp sensor (3 pin with 2 pins for connectors) was seen without the connectors. And the car was running without overheating.

Same goes for mine. I drive the car all day with the air-con on and at 32 to 34 deg C outside and the max running temp is around 89 deg C in stop-go traffic. It doesn't overheat.

And mine has been running with the 2 wires disconnected since the burning incident.

I am planning a long drive up to Malaysia soon and this issus gives me no peace of mind...

Another thing, after driving around town for about 45 minutes the other day, i switched off the car and spun the clutch fan. It moved only about 1/4 turn...?????????

Wouldn't that mean the clutch fan was working?

Yikes. This is freakin' me out.....

But it would be fun to solve with the other it is, I have no tach till this day and that's no fun!!!

Any ideas?
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