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In reading a lot of posts to the list, I've determined (at least I think so) that the "amp" for my cruise control system has croaked.
In reading a lot of the postss to the list, many of them relate to soldered connections having "gone bad" and recommend that the "amp" be removed from the car, the cover popped off and all of the soldered connections be looked at and re-soldered if needed.
Two questions -
1) Can I remove the "amp" from the car and still drive it without causing any ill effects to the car or any safety issues for me?
2) What exactly should I be looking for as far as a "bad solder joint"?

Thanks in advance for your help. I figure that if the thing has already "croaked" I won't hurt it any more if I pop the cover off and look at it. I know that it will be sent to a vendor (probably PartsShop on this board) as a "core", but if I can "find" something that is physically wrong then maybe I've saved myself between $200 and $300.

I could use the $$ to buy some sheepskin seat covers.... Yeah! That's the ticket!

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