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He was the mechanic for the owner and we made the deal in his shop after his check up of the car. He told me the engine is indestructabe and the trannies last forever


Caveat emptor comes to mind on this one. i know that in hind sight we can always find our flaws, screw ups or mistakes. but i understand that you did get at least the 1st 1k$ back from the mechanic (likely because he knows that he could have been held lible for the cost of the car if you sued him). it really sounds like they conspired a bit to close the deal with you.

chalk this up to an expensive lesson learned. never let anyone involved in the deal be your expert. go get someone independant to tell you what you need to know. and expect to pay that person for their time. it will be worth it.

and i am sorry for the b... breaking you took on the grammar issue. frankly speaking it's rare to find a post without spelling and grammatical errors. most just ignore them and move on. but please stay with the group. i'm sure their (oops i did it too) there are plenty more members here that are perfectly happy to forgive our little spelling errors.
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