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Thats cool....Well the only reason I ask is because I want my car to be kept in good condition. Ive been told many times that prevention is the best cure. But then again if it aint broke dont fix it! Mercedes dealers here charge an arm and a leg for doing simple things (500bucks for an o-ring, oil filter and Mobil 1 oil!!!). My local mechanic doesnt specialise in Mercedes so there is a posibilty of doing something that doesnt necessarily need it to harm other things by not doing the job right.

When I start the car in the morning, there is a rattle for about 3 seconds and thats it.....Im not sure if its cause for concern. My main argument for the the original question is, I only want the car to be in the best condition. Im already coming to terms with the inevitable head gasket and wiring harness issues. So far, so good.
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