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Hi, I own a '74 280CE automatic which generally is a wonderful car,
but have recently noticed it to be leaking transmission fluid. I've just taken it to my local mechanic ( not a Benz Specialist) and he called me up and said come on down and take a look. The fluid seems to be leaking from a seal at the gearbox drop down lever. In fact the seal seems to be a white plastic looking collar. He asked if i'd had anything done lately - only replaced the wiper switch a week or so ago - because the plastic seal looked quite new , but possibly
this is so because it has been cleaned by the leaking transmission fluid would this be right and if so - how does one go about fixing it? Oh, yeah, it's right hand drive as I live in Sydney Australia I really would appreciate some help as this is my day to day and only car and the bucks are very tight at the moment. thanks so much Peter p
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