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see attached

You may not be able to do it your self , but my neighbor tell me that your friendly neighborhood FORD dealer can do it for ~$120(I'm sure any MB or independent could do it for little more $#$#)

400E's miss Finally Fixed!!!!(Clogged Injectors)

I had my 93 500E and my 94 530iT BMW both purged yesterday.
In ALL cases, when the apparatus is connected the discharge side guage starts out very erratic. occilating +- 2 lbs. Gradually it become rock steady. The end result is just like that Texaco System 3 commercial. The side by side comparison showing one injector flowing at max capacity and the other with a strangled stream . Now all 3 of my cars are flowing at MAX capacity. Benefits: Increased performance, better fuel economy, better acceleration, and peace of mind. I'm gonna get them done annual/biannually now for sure.

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