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read your owners manual to find out how to reset the fss. if you do not have the owners manual, get one and read it.

-1000 means you where way overdue.

at 60k i would look at the maintence booklet. all fluids ( coolant,brake fluid,power steering, diffs and trany) all filters ( oil,fuel, power steering,tranny and cabin). i would recommend you take it to the dealer for a 60k. this will cost you LESS money in the long run. sounds like the previous owner was a slacker.

you must change the brake fluid every two years or you will spend thousands on brake repairs down the road.

you must change the coolant to keep the ph correct. only mb coolant will work. a high ph will cause a myraid of problems.

if you are going to work on the car and want to keep it, i would educate myself on the proper schedules and procedures. get the proper tools. the drain plug that you tightened with a rag stuffed in it might not be tightened properly. if it falls out it will put your wallet in a world of pain.
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