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Shell changed it's zinc additive package awhile back making it compatible for use in newer diesel engines though it may not be compatible with older diesel engines.

Amsoil 15W40 Marine Diesel oil has been used in the 300DT for over 20 years and it runs like a top and sounds great as well. I'm about to install an Amsoil bypass oil filter set up in the oil cooler lines as well as a possible Amsoil cold air intake filter for the diesel. Is Amsoil the "best" oil out there? Well, we could go on and on and on about that question but one thing I know from personal experience, the Amsoil 15W40 Marine Diesel Oil has NEVER let me down! If my cooling system fails, I can count on it to save the motor in the even of an overheating condition. I use the Amsoil transmission fluid as well, I'm going to change over the differentials to Amsoil gear lube, I use Amsoil antifreeze in the cooling system, I'm about to do a brake job and use Amsoil racing grease in all the wheel bearings. I guess you could say I'm a member of a religious cult.

One less thing to lay awake at night worrying about.

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