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Sicangu Oyate
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Strut Replacement for 190e

Hello friends,

I am contemplating doing this job myself. I haven't done struts on anything, but have replaced shocks on so many 60's-70's American cars I lost count.

I'm just looking for a review of what I might be in for regarding difficulty level (also knucklebusting in the cold!). I'd also know what incidental components might also need replacement with the struts.

The old War Pony now has 168K miles, and the struts were replaced once (by the dealer) at 70K just before I bought the car. I'm doing this because I replaced the rear shocks (one of them broke) last year, and I noticed better stability and a better ride in the rear (it is still like that now). I'm also getting a little "lunging" at higher speeds while cornering, but no real noticeable abnormal tire wear.

Any and all advice and recommendations are appreciated.


1985 - 190e 2.3L
1986 - Pontiac Firebird, 305 4-bbl
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