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Both camshafts had clean breaks just behind the chain gear-wheel and before the first camshaft roller bed. On both occasions after reassembling everything, when driving the engine made an unfamiliar noise like it was stressed or over-tensioned. It also idled very rough while stopped and still in drive (stop sign/stop light) but smoothed out once moving again. This makes more sense to me than a warped head, but if I am installing the chain tensioner incorrectly I guess I don't know how to do it correctly. It seems pretty straight forward on putting it back in and torqueing down to specs. What am I doing wrong with this tensioner installation?

Originally posted by stevebfl:
It seems to me that the 102 motor uses a ratcheting chain tentioner. If you have clean breaks with and no gaulling I would suspect that you are assembling the tentioner improperly and the chain has been running overtentioned.

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