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Ok, I went out and got into the test mode. The number 6 which is the coolant temperature sensor reading is all over the place. It continually changes in wide swings, say 20-30 degrees. Not constant. Fans run all of the time, or cut on and cut off to immediately cut back on. When I unplug the connector to the blue coolant temperature sensor, the fans cut OFF and work properly. They only cut on when the refrigerant pressure reaches a little over 16 bar. I have no way to check if they come on at high engine coolant because it is cold here and would have to do a high speed run, if even that would get the coolant temp up high enough. But I guess there is no backup sensor for the fans and coolant temp.

Arthur, If you would send me the chart you are talking about. I am pretty sure I need a new sensor. I will go check the ohms now and post back.
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