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need2speed said;

"I'll leave it to someone who's been downsized, outsourced, offshored or outplaced to debate your opinions about how benign and cuddly any of the various megacorps are."

You are hearing from someone who is a "victim" of "down sizing, and outsourcing." The company I work for gave us all a 10% paycut one year ago, and last Thursday I got another 14% paycut. In addition to that, I had to serve "position elimination" papers to people that I've known and loved for fourteen years and then walk them to the door. This happened to 28% of our employees about six weeks ago! In additon to that, we may be completely out of business in six months.


Do you think that companies WANT to lay people off? When they are doing that, it means that they are having trouble and not making enough money to pay everyone. Do you think that is a situation that they WANT? If you believe that companies WANT to lose money and send people home, you are not thinking with your brain!

I'm sorry to take such a stance, but I'm having trouble feeling sorry for you or anyone who is naive enough to change your oil on a 10,000 mile or greater basis. I don't care if it's Mobil One, or oil with Kryptonite, it gets dirty, sludgy and must be changed. I find it difficult to understand why someone would buy a car costing $30,000, or in many cases much more, and then scrimp over a few dollars worth of oil and a filter.

I have been ridiculed here many times about my lecturing about frequent and hot oil changes. People can make fun of me all they want, but I'm not the one with a sludgy engine.

Yes, GM, Ford and others have made engineering blunders. All companies that develop and build products do so. No one is perfect. It doesn't help when NBC stages a test of the GM pickup gas tanks with a detonating device to make it blow up for their cameras. Was this dirty on the part of GM? Don't get me wrong, GM is my least favorite company, both for their policies and their products, but this shows you how quick the news media is to sensationalize or even fabricate a story.

So, if you would like to experience yourself what it's like to be in a downsized company, just come on down and you can go down with the ship like the rest of us here.

NOW, please do not ever again acuse me of not knowing what it's like to suffer downsizing or outsourcing. Also, at the same time, you might try to think things through for yourself instead of blaming the big, bad, evil corporations for your own problems.

Merry Christmas,
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