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I got the work orders from the dealer who performed all maintenance on the car. I can see when brakes were done. It doesn't specifically say changing brake fluid. Is this dealer prescribed fluid change intervals for the brakes or is it only those who know on Mercedesshop interval? I have a 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo that is my street car and I drive it at the track currently six days in the summer so I understand that break fluid absorbs moisture. It wasn't the drain plug i tightened with a rag, it was the oil filter cover that sits on top of the motor that I loosed with the filter wrench and rag. And I noted on the top of the cover that it said 23Nm with an arrow pointed clockwise which i assumed tighten to 23 newtons(?)

But what is the difference between A and B? Is it use A if you drive short distances in dusty locations????

How do you change the power steering fluid, and is there a filter for it?
Differential shouldn't be a problem.

tranny will take some research. From what I see here its is a sealed unit without a dip stick and new fluid requires it to be a certain temp and I apparently need to get the dipstick so I don't overfill.

Time for a Haynes manual.
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